Essay on The Prioritization Matrix Of M & P Tools

Essay on The Prioritization Matrix Of M & P Tools

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The Prioritization Matrix in Figure 5 attempts to order the importance of the requirements of a problem. Relative weightings are populated in the matrix which are then totaled and scaled for a prioritization percentage. The higher the percentage is, the higher the priority of the requirement is. This is necessary because not all requirements necessarily have the same importance in a problem. The Prioritization Matrix is a way for a team to determine a first iteration on requirement prioritization to focus on which requirements really drive the subsequent design.
Requirements for the Prioritization Matrix were derived using the previous M&P tools. As can be seen in the following diagram, some requirements were found to be much higher priority than others. As may be expected, the cost of manufacturing is the main driver in the design, which is a good validation of the Prioritization Matrix, as it passes the “sniff test”. Also in the top tier of requirements are the flexibility of manufacturing, the degree of automation, scalability, and market adaptability. More focused/technical requirements, such as metal and composite manufacturing, were lower priority. This also makes sense, since these somewhat lower level requirements are often driven by the broader requirements like the market requirements. The prioritization generated by this matrix was used in the QFD matrix.

The Matrix Diagram in Figure 6 shows the relationship between the different requirements. This diagram is built in a similar way to the Prioritization Matrix, but instead of relative weighting in each cell, symbols are populated which denote the relationship between the row and column requirements. A filled circle symbolizes a strong relationship, a bold empty circle ...

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...possible problems; rather it is used as a brainstorming solution to some of the most common problems that may be encountered. From this exercise it was clear to us that the key success for the project was to introduce a framework capable of not only reproducing current manufacturing processes, but also had to take into account the flexibility. Besides, it was also important that the results from the framework should be both feasible and viable, as there is nothing gained from a solution that meets the requirements in terms of performance, but that fails to accommodate the economic needs, or that fails to satisfy the customer.
Most of the solutions of the different shortcomings come with more research, as the knowledge of the market, missions, materials and processes will ensure that flexible manufacturing is correctly implemented on the needed grand scheme of things.

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