An Evaluation Of Requirements Engineering

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As more companies that are leading technology are transforming from the traditional waterfall development model to an Agile software methodology, requirements engineering provides a process for software engineers to understand the problems they need to solve (Martin, Newkirk, & Koss, 2014). It is of key importance to understand the customer 's wants and needs before beginning designing or building the computer-based solution, as developing a solution that ignores the customer’s needs provides value to none of the parties involved. Thus, the intent of requirements engineering is to produce a written understanding of the customer 's problem (Pressman, 2010). Work products that are available to communicate this understanding include user scenarios, function and feature lists, analysis models, and specifications. This paper provides an evaluation of requirement patterns, an assessment of problem solving techniques most effective, a descriptive explanation of the patterns that includes a visual taxonomy, and an explanation of how the patterns identified are related. Requirements Engineering Requirements engineering begins during the communication activity, continues into the modeling activity, and builds a bridge from the system requirements into software design and construction. Through requirements engineering, there is an examination of the context of software work performed. It is essential for the software engineering team to understand all requirements of a problem before the team tries to solve the problem. An identification of specific needs that the design and construction must address is also included. Further is a need for the identification of the priorities that guides the order for the completion of work. This i... ... middle of paper ... ...s or user feedback, related patterns and similar approaches for possible solutions .to this problem, and source code (Hagge, & Lappe, 2005). Visual Taxonomy- Requirement Patterns for Problem associated with software associated with mobile phone. Relationship of Patterns It is important to understand that patterns are not independent entities. The design patterns that are present at a high level of abstraction will influence the manner of applying other patterns at the lower levels of abstraction. In addition, patterns often collaborate with one another. The implication is the selection of an architectural pattern will likely influence the choice of component-level design patterns, which have the most effect (Pressman, 2010). Further, if selecting a specific interface design pattern, this can result in the need to use other patterns that collaborate with it.