The Principle of Building Teacher-Student Relationships Essay

The Principle of Building Teacher-Student Relationships Essay

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This paper reviews the principles of building a Teacher-student relationship that is positive, respectful and enjoying. It reflects on the importance of such relationship and what are some theorist’s opinions about such. Included are a few do’s and don’ts on how to build a healthy relationship that both benefit the teacher and the student and my opinions and understanding of each. At the end I have included a short interview with my co-worker Nilsa Torres. Torres has been a high school mentor in an after-school program in the past; however, she is now lead teacher at a community Head-Start Program in the North Philadelphia area. Finally, my personal experiences are reflectred.

The Importance of Teacher-Student Relationships to the Learning Process
The relationship between teachers and their students is very important and crucial in their learning process. Let's face it children spend almost a third of their day with a teacher and at this they also spend at least ten months out of the year in school. It is extremely important that the relationship build is one that invites learning and makes the children feel at ease with their educator. This is why it is important to be what many refer to as a good teacher; or as I most recently learned as being an "intentional teacher". As most of us can remember a moment in our schooling years we might have had a favorite teacher. This teacher understood your learning style; she was fun and made you feel like coming to school every day. Well thankful to her good teaching skills or her intentional teaching she build up a positive relationship with you that was based on good communication, mutual respect and support.
Having a positive relationship as a teacher with a student has ...

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... was clear that every journalist, theorist or people I spoke to, all have the common goal of getting to know the child in order to build on that relationship. Getting to know a student starts before the child even sets a foot in your door. How can this be? Well, in order for us to get to know our students we must first know ourselves. This can only come by being aware of why we become teachers. When we look back at this we get to openly know the reason why we are patient and seek out getting to know a child. I do this because I love it. I love the challenge of making a student’s frown turn into a smile. I love getting invites to their birthday parties and even sleepover’s. I love that before a child heads home he or she must give you a hug. This is why I became a teacher in order to experience this bond. A bond that is more than a friendship, it is love.

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