Essay on Prevention Of Ulcers And Risk Of Developing A Pressure Ulcer

Essay on Prevention Of Ulcers And Risk Of Developing A Pressure Ulcer

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Prevention of Ulcers
Currently health care facilities use individual, multi-component interventions, or series of interventions to prevent pressure ulcers. Either health care staff is not implementing these strategies into their patient’s care or some changes obviously need to be made. Interventions to prevent pressure ulcers consist of using the Braden Scale for initial and repeated skin assessments to determine the patient’s risks for pressure ulcers, specialized support mattresses, heel supports, and frequent repositioning for bed bound patients, encouraging mobility, moisture management, nutrition, hydration, and reducing friction or shear forces on parts of the body at increased risk for pressure ulcers (Sullivan & Schoelles, 2013).
The Agency for Health Care Policy and Research recommends using the Braden Scale and Norton Scale to assess the patient’s risk of developing a pressure ulcer. The Braden scale uses a rating scale that is broken up into six different indicators; these include sensory perception, moisture, activity, mobility, nutrition, and friction or shear. Within each group the patient is assessed and given a score of one to four. The total score can range from six to twenty-three. The lower the score the more the patient is at risk for pressure ulcers and the higher the score the less of a risk for developing pressure ulcers. The Norton scale uses the patient’s physical condition, mental condition, activity, mobility, and incontinence to rate the patient’s risk for pressure ulcers (Cooper K. L., 2013).
Process for Implementing EBPP
For years health care providers have approached pressure ulcers from a preventative perspective. Using the Skin Safety Model (SSM), prevention of pressure ulcers can be shi...

... middle of paper ...

...ust have basic knowledge on how to help keep normal skin integrity prior to using the SSKIN method. However, in the end all methods of intervention are best done by use of trial and error. Being patient centered we want to make sure that if our interventions are not correcting the situation, then we need to change our process to provide better care to our patients. There is a new bandage created called the “smart bandage”, which could potentially help reduce the possibility of pressure ulcers. It is being tested out now in clinical trials (Yang, 2015).
With these implementations nurses can help to prevent pressure ulcers. As we move forward in technology the potential for unlocking new ways to prevent, care for, and teach not only our patients but staff about pressure ulcers. Again, we always need to look forward and always look for the best evidence based practice.

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