Prevention And Treatment Of Bullying Essay

Prevention And Treatment Of Bullying Essay

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When discussion is analyzed, a nationwide study indicates that bullying is widespread where children who bully or who are bullied have lower self-esteem than peers of their age who never bully or has been bullied. The stereotypes of bullies being confident and tough might be a cover up for hiding their feelings. The present results indicate that feelings of inadequacy could be a strong contributory factor in their behavior as bullies. School administrators and parents need to be sensitive to children and avoid diminishing their self-esteem, which can have a long-term psychological effect.
When what can be done is analyzed, teachers are undoubtedly vital to the successful prevention and treatment of bullying. Initiating an anti-bullying policy in schools should be viewed as a positive step in creating an environment that’s supportive and conducive for learning. Additionally, teachers can employ academic and social learning experiences of school to reinforce children positive views of them. Even though measures are being taken to prevent bullying, no schools are immune from the problems that exist with this serious issue.

1. Research has indicated that teachers greatly underestimate the amount of bullying that goes on in their schools (p. 162). 1. This statement means that teachers are not aware of bullying that occurs in their schools. When teachers are not aware, bullies will continue to torment and harass their victims with no worries of getting caught. Additionally, bullies will use blind spots and secluded areas to avoid detection. The consequence of teacher’s lack of awareness can have unfavorable results if they’re not equipped to handle bullying situations.
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... to achieve goals. The importance of having a strong support system is vital in case you need assistance when a problem occurs. My support system is invigorating and uplifting, where they inspire me to complete my education. The welcoming support has motivated me to continue progressing towards earning a bachelor’s degree.

I will apply what I learned from the article by understanding that teachers play a vital role to help eliminate or prevent bullying. All staff members should have to attend mandatory training on bullying and prevention programs. When bullying occurs, it’s essential that everybody is on the same page so that appropriate action can be taken to intervene and deescalate situations. Knowing that teachers play a vital role in the development of children’s growth will enable me to encourage and motivate students to always strive for greatness.

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