Essay about The Prevalence Of Depression Among Dialysis Patients

Essay about The Prevalence Of Depression Among Dialysis Patients

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Studies have justified dialysis patients are likely to be depressed. According to Andrade, depression is characterized as one of the most assessed psychological aspects regarding studies on patients with renal failure. This paper will address the prevalence of depression among dialysis patients, the effects it has on quality of life, and finally the role of social worker intervention and management of depression in dialysis patients.
Like previously stated depression is very common amongst dialysis patients. According to Battistella, the prevalence of depression in the general population is 2% to 10%, approximately 20% to 30% of patients with ESRD suffer from depression with a range of 5% to 59%. Depression is also directly linked with increased mortality rate, “chronic kidney disease (CKD), the ninth leading cause of death in the U.S” (Danquah, &, Zimmerman, 2010). With the increasing number of patients being diagnosed with end stage renal disease (ESRD) it is an obvious need for addressing this issue; “as of 2007 more than 638,000 individuals had end stage renal disease” (Danquah, &, Zimmerman, 2010).
Depression can be identified by the patient’s symptoms. For example dialysis patients that are omitted to the hospital more frequency is likely to be depressed as well. Another example of a symptom indication of depression id suicidal ideation, if a dialysis patient has thoughts of killing oneself or attempts to kill oneself they are likely to be depressed. Also depression can be screened for with the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI). “This is a 21-question survey completed by patients. Answers are scored on a 0 to 3 scale. A score of greater than 11 has a 90% specificity and sensitivity to diagnose depression in CKD patients” (Ba...

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... patient’s quality of life increased significantly (Jackson 2014). It is evident that social work interventions have a positive effect on the treatment of dialysis patients.
Depression among dialysis patients is very common, but yet it isn’t always black and white when coming to diagnosing and treating it. Fortunately the growing number of nephrology social workers is helping address the needs of this unique population that is misunderstood by the general population. Johnstone says, yet the ESRD population continues to be complicated and fragile, and often poorly served outside of the dialysis clinic. It is this recognized reality that calls upon nephrology professionals to think outside of the box and continue to find creative and brief approaches for serving the underserved needs of this unique population. In essence there is a need for nephrology social workers.

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