Pressure to Win Gives Way to Performance Enhancing Drugs Essays

Pressure to Win Gives Way to Performance Enhancing Drugs Essays

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The use of performance enhancing drugs has become more and more common due to the pressure to win. The majority of serious athletes know the competitive urge to be victorious can be intense and often rely on performance enhancing drugs to succeed. There are many types of performance enhancing drugs out there such as anabolic steroids, androstenedione, gonadotropin, and erythoropoietin. Performance enhancing drugs are tempting to athletes because it give athletes a forceful feelings and it helps athletes recuperate from a difficult workout extra fast by diminishing the muscle loss that happens during the workout. This allows athletes to exercises faster and often without over working their body. The benefits of these performance-enhancing drugs aren’t worth it since there are more cons than pro because it can be dangerous to the human body and nobody wants to be known as a cheater. Athletes know the side effects but they ignore it due to the desire to succeed. “In response to the increased international awareness of the use of illegal PEDs, and the individual sporting associations’ apparent inability to successfully level the playing field, national governments have taken notice, and, in some cases, have instituted comprehensive national drug testing legislation for professional sport” according to "Safe At Home? Assessing U.S. Efforts To Protect Youths From The Effects Of Performance Enhancing Drugs In Sports." Performance enhancing drugs should be excluded from sports because it is not fair to athletes that aren’t using it and drugging can be very harmful to the body and it can even lead to death if use too frequently.
“For strength and power, the best-known drugs are probably those in the vast fami...

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... from them” according to the article "Judgments Of The Fairness Of Using Performance Enhancing Drugs." Fans will not be able to see their favorite players play if the athlete gets caught for using performance-enhancing drugs. It is also very disappointing to the fan especially when they look up to them.
To sum it up, taking performance-enhancing drugs is really not worth it. The cons outweigh the pros. It is not fair to be superior to other competitors because of doping. Cheating is never the answer and that is not fair for the other athletes that do not take performance-enhancing drugs. The side effects can be harmful to the human body and it can eventually lead to death. Not taking performance-enhancing drugs will reduce the chances for them to get sick. Instead of taking the easy route to succeed, play fair by not using performance-enhancing drugs.

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