Cheating In Sports Essay

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To cheat is to act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage. The use of performance –enhancing drugs in sports is morally wrong due to the fact that it is only a sign of cheating, impacts the future generation, and is deceiving to fellow audience. This goes against all the things sport fans theorize from athletes. People expect to see the individuals perform with the best of their abilities. It is what makes watching sports more interesting and creates competition. Performance enhancing drugs in sport should not be tolerated and should be illegal because it eliminates competition.
First, when athletes cheat, they are not pushing themselves to achieve success. Cheating also affects the culprit physically, mentally, and emotionally. Doctor Yesalis, a prominent Professor of Health at Pennsylvania State University, states, "You do not need drugs to have a sense of fulfillment, to feel that you've left it all on the field," Yesalis says. "[Drugs have] taken something that God has given us—love of game and sport—and perverted us" (par. 3). Allowing drugs in sports will not prove who is better at the sport we will just see who is the biggest drug user. This is a great integrity check for the individual because it proves who is true to their profession. This also tests their intestinal fortitude to see if they will be man or women enough to do the correct thing.
Secondly, performance-enhancement impacts the future generation of upcoming athletes. Professional athletes are role models to many world-wide. They are a symbol of inspiration and motivation to young athletes. Upcoming professionals look up to their determination and love of fair and true sportsmanship in successful athletes. Allowing performance enhancing drugs in ...

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...he day, professional sport players are adults before anything. The lessons of right and wrong are already learned. It should not take all the wrong doing of guilt for a person to do the right thing. Guilt is not a good way to live life for simple decisions of not taking enhancement drugs and destroys the character of an athlete.
Therefore, performance-enhancement in sports is no way to achieve victory and success. True athletes know not to cheat, have positive impacts on upcoming athletes, and display proper professionalism. One should think long and hard of the consequences of cheating after years of hard work and determination. Keep in mind that athletes are adults and should be fluent in making honest decisions. Honesty plays a key role in personal development and maturity. More importantly set the example and keep the American Dream alive in sports altogether.
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