Presidential Candidates Of The Presidential Election Essay

Presidential Candidates Of The Presidential Election Essay

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Well, at the start of this paper, there are only three Presidential candidates left in the 2016 Presidential election. Those candidates are: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses; with the most experienced candidate in International Politics is Hillary Clinton. However, because of her failed foreign policy attempt, I do not believe her to be an ideal candidate. Donald Trump’s presence of mind in a business board room may help our re-growing economy, but his boisterous personality, and comments he made about other countries and their cultures disqualifies him from being successful. This leaves Bernard Sanders, an old Jewish man, from Brooklyn. As a career politician, he has a made a name for himself as an advocate for justice, equality, and peace; and in an ever-changing global dynamic, justice and peace is what is needed. Especially because power is the factor that will shape the future of the world, Senator Sanders seems to be the most levelheaded candidate who will make the right choice for all parties involved.
The reason for power being the most important factor is because it encompasses the other factors like: interest, wealth, and ideology. As long as the state wields all those factors correctly, they can achieve power, enough to rival that of America. The United States is by far the most powerful state on the face of the Earth, and their system of alliances keeps them in that position. America’s strongest allies are those who employ a similar ideology and International Relation theory as them. This theory would be liberalism, specifically laissez-faire liberalism, aka neoliberalism. This theory intermixes economics with governmental policies, and that one exists suc...

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...hat they can contribute to the international market. They should use the Classical Trade Theory to specialize on that item, so it can be the best (Frankel p.311). The State Model requires patience, because if states try to adapt too soon, they will not be as successful as possible. And the best thing for the larger liberal countries to do, would be to support them. This is the model in which worked the best for the Asian nations that have grown exponentially over the years to gain power (Rodrik). As stated in, “Global Trends 2025”, the biggest power players are coming out of Asia. And in Posen’s dissection of that piece in, “Emerging Multipolarity: Why Should We Care?” it can be assumed that if these Asian countries, and those who also follow the State Model, successful convert to the neoliberalist model, they can effectively rival the United States in terms of power.

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