Essay on President Lincoln : A Major Obstacle For The United States

Essay on President Lincoln : A Major Obstacle For The United States

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In general, the Reconstructive Plan was a major obstacle for the United States, particularly after the death of President Lincoln in 1865. President Lincoln supported the Radicals Reconstructive plans and many white Southerners refused to accept the plan. Therefore, some of their associates assassinated President Lincoln. The assassination of President Lincoln showed the hatred amongst the North and South which was based off social and economic life styles that the two could not come to a compromise. Therefore, the leadership of the Moderates and Conservatives fell to Lincoln successor, Andrew Johnson (Brinkley, 2014, p. 350). President Johnson continued the vision of the Reconstructive Plan’s that he offers some amnesty to Southerners and states had to abolish slavery and agree to the Thirteenth Amendment (Brinkley, 2014, p. 350). The North was putting heavy pressure on the South and the battle would last over 100 years and in the meantime millions of freed African American Slaves was thrust into a dominating white society with little education and sense of direction.


The Reconstructive Plan changed America forever. The Northern and Southern regions of the United States had major differences amongst each other. Therefore, after the Civil War there was a strong push from Congress to reform. The Emancipation of Proclamation had strip White Southerners of their slaves and their capital investment is now worthless. The Civil War was costly for both sides and more than 258,000 Confederate soldiers had died in the war and thousands return home wounded or sick (Brinkley, 2014, p. 44). Therefore, there were still a lot of pain hatred amongst the North and they were reluctantly to agree to any policies because they felt...

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...te Camellia to frighten or physically bar blacks form voting (Brinkley, 2014, p. 361). The intimidation enacted Congress to pass the Enforcement Acts of 1870 and 1871 which prohibited states from discriminating against voters on basis of race and gave the government the power to enforce it.
In conclusion, the Reinforcement Plan met a lot of resistance from the enraged citizens and local officials of the South to accept this plan. The plan was a way for the future and a way for the United States to move forward as a country and to provide freedom and equality amongst all of the people who live or aspire to live in the United States. In general, in this assignment I have discussed how the Southern states constantly tried to suppress the blacks by politics, black code and violence, but the government came to the rescue of the freedmen each time by passing numerous laws

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