The Pre Canadian History : Aboriginal People Were Victims Of The Europeans

The Pre Canadian History : Aboriginal People Were Victims Of The Europeans

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Throughout the pre-Canadian history period aboriginal people were victims of the Europeans. Aboriginal people were some of the first people that were in the new world and the Europeans took advantage of them. The Native American’s did not originate from North America as they came from Asia from during the ice age. The Europeans did not originate from North America as they came from Europe. When the Europeans came over to the new world they had many disease’s that the aboriginal people were not known to and that affected them a lot. Therefore the aboriginal people didn’t exactly have much of an option to follow what the Europeans had been doing in order to learn their movements. Problem with communication vary troubling with maintaining a positive remark then hold a good reputation.
The first nation’s people came over to North America from Asia when one of the first ice ages occurred, this could happen because the sea was low enough so that they could go across to the new world (early record). The first nations supposedly arrived from Siberia but there is no evidence of this, yet there are many extremely old remains that come from the east coast (early record). First nations would have to go through the cracks in the ice so that they could travel from coast to coast and from north to south.
The Europeans came over to the new world and they didn’t know too much about the new world so at the start they were nice to the aboriginal people. They came over on ships thinking that they were going to china but when they got to the new world it was not where they thought they were. The Europeans came over and started to fish and then they started taking over some of the land that belonged to the native people. This was not far to the abo...

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...y). This was not good for the native people because the Europeans wanted the native people to show them around the woods and to draw maps for them. The Europeans had stuff that the native people wanted such as guns, tobacco, and alcohol (society). This was an advantage for the newcomer’s as they would get the native people drunk and then they would start to trade and give the newcomer’s anything that they wanted. This was not fair to the native people as they didn’t know what they were doing. The Europeans were so close to the native people that the native people would call them kings sometime; this was helpful for the Europeans because they knew that they would be able to get whatever they wanted from the natives. The natives would sell their land to the newcomers because they thought they were kings and had to do what they needed to do to keep the Europeans happy.

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