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The people who settled in early America came for different reasons and held different lifestyles. The Puritans and indentured servants settled in New England for new beginnings, while the Native Americans first settled throughout America to live their lives with commitment to the Earth. While all of three of these groups came at different times and with different motives, they all have made an impact on American history and influenced modern day American Culture. The Native Americans, Puritans, and indentured servants had very distinctive experiences from one another, which is worth investigating. What is an intro? Who knows?
A single group of indigenous people or single Native American group does not exist but many. Early America had many groups of Native Americans that can be organized by regions: Eastern Woodlands, Southwest, Pacific Northwest, and Great Basin. This analysis will focus on the Southwest Native Americas. The Southwest refers to modern day Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Northern Mexico. This region consisted of three major cultures, the Mogollon, Hohokam, and Anasazi people. In the Southwest, all three groups engaged in extensive farming more than groups in the Eastern Woodlands. This extensive farming proved that these Native Americans were settlers created pueblo villages complete with dwellings. The Hohokam peoples constructed canals as an irrigation system in now modern Arizona. This differed from several other groups of Native Americans usually in the Great Basin that were nomadic, following their food, the bison. Specialization in sophisticated crafts such as ceramics, pottery, and basket weaving emerged in the Southwest. Especially important and distinctive to Southwest Native Americans was maize, co...

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...him?” (Small Group 1, p. 1). Appreciation of nature is a key aspect of Native American life different from the Puritans and indentured servants. More focused on the profits were the indentured servants that immigrated for economic betterment and a new life in New England. Comparing the indentured servants and Native Americans, the Native Americans believed in a Master of Life that provides to all mankind. From the Native American perspective, being an indentured servant would be essentially being owned and confined to a plantation. This would be going against their believes of being one with nature, meaning being free. Now comparing Native Americans and Puritans, the Native Americans were pagans while the Puritans were monotheistic. I need a lot more comparison…. Feel like it is so broad, too many things I could compare but I don’t know what would be most effective.

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