The Poverty And Disease Of West Africa Essay

The Poverty And Disease Of West Africa Essay

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I have seen the poverty and disease that plagues the people in West Africa, but never understood why the problem has plagued them for a long period. I was surprised by the way they raise their children and the way they think how the body works. Their customs and social structures sometimes I judge them because their customs and how females are treated in this society, but I really do not have the right to criticize their society because they constructed their society because that is what they see as right. I view this because I was influenced by my society to view topics in a different ways. The role women play in their society, child care, health and nutrition are seen differently in West Africa and some of the problems that the people in West Africa suffer is caused by something else than what we believe causes this. Dancing Skeletons have made me reflect on the topics about health care, child care and the relationship between genders that are socially constructed differently.
Poverty in Mali has created health care issues for the people of Mali and they have no money for health care, but the solution that we think will solve the problem actually does not work because of the economic system in this part of the world. In my own experience I believed that the population was a cause of the poverty that ravages the people of West Africa, but the author explains that in West Africa wealth moves up the generation. The more children will result in more net income. This shows a little bit of ignorance about the economic system in West Africa. That the solution that we think will solve the poverty problem will actually increase poverty because that will decrease the number of net income producers. We believe that our economic system a...

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... is seen normal and here it would be a priority to make the child healthy. A difference between the two societies is that in West Africa they tend to favor the old to survive.
This ethnography has broaden my view of the life in West Africa and create conflicting views on the topics presented. I definitely felt a culture shock when reading this and taking anthropology I learned to accept and disregard my beliefs and see a different culture through a different perspective. A person from our society would have difficulty navigating the acceptance and expectation of a child dying. People try to avoid death and have less acceptance of death then the people of West Africa. There is a reason why they have accepted and expect a child to die. The unhealthy look of a child is normal. This class has broaden my view of what is normal or acceptable in different cultural contexts

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