Poverty : A Big Problem Essay

Poverty : A Big Problem Essay

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Poverty is a big problem in America, but poverty that ties into mental illnesses is worse. Anna Almendrala explains the subject really well in, “How poverty stunts kids brain development.” Not only does she explain how much poverty has an impact on people and how much greater that group can be diagnosed with some type of mental illness, but she also explains how there 's also a lesser chance for them to get treatment. In a group that barely has enough money to put food into their families mouth should be allowed to receive some type of aid to help them along the way. As Almendrala stated from a different source “There was a toxin in the environment that was actually altering children’s developmental biology,” he said. “I think now poverty is looking like that,” a big problem in America is that people focus a lot more on “bigger” things or problems that wouldn 't necessarily affect everyone. It does not make sense to me why lead exposure in gasoline should be considered a much bigger problem than poverty causing mental illness. Starting with children America has offered them a free education; the only problem is the different incomes these parents have. Teachers expect for each of their student to be in the same economic class or have almost the same mentalities. The truth is money does make a difference and there have been research that shows how much it impacts a child 's brain. Almendrala also states, “Poor kids’ smaller brains are linked to their test score deficit when compared to middle class and rich kids.”
Conducting MRI scans and collecting data on test scores they came to the conclusion that it is true that children born of poor families have less physical features that show up in the brain. For example seven...

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...is article my professor was able to guide me in picking it out as she had read this a few days before starting my research and highly recommend it. This article gives you a complete different outlook on what the bigger picture is. This made research a lot easier and very easy to understand.
In conclusion, it is true that poverty can affect mental illness in so many levels. It has been proven that mental illness is higher in low-income communities and continues to do so. There are graphs to show statistically how many people are affected and the age ranges in these groups, which should be mentioned, in further studies. In the future they can talk about a different age group and show more statistics on income, poverty levels, and split categories between gender and ages. Mental illness is highly underrated and more people should be informed about it.

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