Confession's Afterward

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Unconscious to the speaker, it had not been the question that had shocked him. It was the manner in which it was asked, unfortunately, and as is typical in all truisms, a misinterpreted look of utter confusion (maybe even repulsion?) sends one's world crashing down into itself, waves of despair wracking through the body and the only option left is to run. To run and escape the intolerable pain one feels after throwing caution into the wind and taking a gamble- to run and free one's self from the manacles that had once tapered the now crushed heart. Run and erase the memory and humiliation endured, and to avoid the laughter that would surely follow. Run towards security and protection, so that you may soon begin to reconstruct the shards of a fragile broken heart, tape them together to see if they'll last. Then, when you have run away, forcing yourself to a point of pure exhaustion, you must settle down in a sanctuary of choice and begin to mend. One must be careful when handling the shattered pieces, and slowly begin to find a way to create some semblance of a heart, so that maybe one day you can find it in this heart to forgive and forget. After all, the problem with falling for someone so close to you, is that even if they let you hit the ground, they're going to try and help you back up, regardless of complaints and arguments against such unwanted attention. It was no different than what you see on a soap opera, or read in a cheesy, paperback romance novel, except that Prince Charming was not going to come to the rescue, because in reality, Prince Charming was not a prince, nor was he charming. He was spiteful and horrible and he was probably laughing at your idiocy right now and everything was wrong, and you don't understa... ... middle of paper ... ...ts on the floor, providing the excuse that he's too wet, and he doesn't feel the need to destroy your house (since when does he worry about destroying anything?). Casually kneeling in between his spread legs, you laugh stiffly as you place the towel over his head and gently (quickly) towel him off. He gives a sincere smile (gorgeous) and you can't help but return it, shocked at how quickly you seem to have mended. Fear grips you as you realize that you may be too hopeful, and he's not really here for all the reasons you want him to be. Smile lost, you hastily try to retreat. He notices and grips your wrist, pulling you into his soaked chest and nuzzling into the crook of your neck and biting tenderly. You blush furiously and try to pull away, even if it's only to see his face. "Don't…" He growls. So you don't pull away. …and you don't think you will ever again.

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