Poor Leaders And The Common People Who Wanted Change Essay

Poor Leaders And The Common People Who Wanted Change Essay

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The Story of Poor Leaders and the Common People Who Wanted Change
There were common factors which lead to revolution in France and Russia. Both governments were disconnected from the common people. The nobility only cared about the upper class and were corrupt. They also ignored the struggles and severe economic suffering of the lower class. France was ruled under a monarchy, which followed the feudal system. This structure benefited the nobility over all other classes. Similarly, the Russian system had policies which were inconsistently put into effect based on social classes. As a result, both societies struggled and were dragged down by war, poor harvests, and financial crisis. The nobility did not recognize or care to recognize the suffering of the lower classes. These factors lead to overwhelming unrest, which led to these revolutions. Due to the financial crisis because of the instability of the government, poor harvests, and the impact of social inequality and war, the people revolted in an attempt to establish democratic governments that would represent all the people, not just the wealthy.
The financial crisis, influence of the American Revolution, and social inequalities were a few of the many causes of the French Revolution. Unrest in France was fueled by the American Revolution. The idea that led America to revolt percolated in the minds of the French. The American Revolution brought about change and the promise of a government which is responsible to serve the people of their country. After reading the writings of various authors
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such as Voltaire, the French wanted the same freedoms (McKay 612-631). The French were tired of the monarchy and ...

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...and eventuality lead to their demise. The outcome yielded improvements in the living and economic conditions for the common people but the people did not get everything that they set out to achieve. Democratic societies were not established but there was a better balance for all the people, not just the nobility. Overall, these revolutions lead to a more balanced social system and a higher quality of life for the working class.

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