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Political System Is The Most Ideal Essay

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Philosophers throughout history have come up with various theories to solve the issue of which political system is the most ideal. Each theory gave a possible system of government, which philosophers either agreed on or disagreed on. Philosophers either wanted the government to be a democracy, republic, monarchy, constitutional monarchy, communist or secularist. Some other philosophers argued that government constrains freedom and happiness, and an anarchy was suitable or even how the human was in the primitive state without any form of government. Some of these theories are plausible, while others are full of unanswered questions. Figuring out which political system is most ideal has to be done by understanding and analyzing each theory, and the arguments made by the philosophers.
Democracy is defined by the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy as form of government that “concerns collective decision making”. In other words, democracy is rule of the people, which means every person participates in the government. Democracy is a political system that was founded by Cleisthenes in the sixth century BCE, and was a system that dominated ancient Athens. According to Martin Cohen in Political Philosphy: from Plato to Mao, “in Aristotle’s ideal state it is essential that each citizen actively participate” (54), and this state may be viewed as being a democracy, since all citizens participate. Democracy, though, has been defined in different ways by other philosophers, such as Voltaire, who according to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy defined, but criticized Democracy as the “idiocy of the masses” or Plato who criticized democracy as an agreeable form of anarchy. After summarizing all these definitions one definition of democra...

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...to the Britannica Encyclopedia, as a “political system based upon the undivided sovereignty or rule of a single person”. Succession of the rule is usually from father to son, and according to the “divine right theory” they are only held accountable to God. Many of the philosophers that did not support the idea of a republic or democratic state supported a monarchy and held up this conservative theory. Another version of this theory is constitutional monarchy, which is system of government in which a monarch shares power with a constitutionally organized government, which usually includes a legislative body.
The philosophers that did support this theory include St. Thomas Aquinas Voltaire and Hobbs. St. Thomas Aquinas believed that the main point of the government was to unite and make peace so in his theory, one person would be ideal. Also, since the monarch was only

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