The Political Movement Of Nashville Started A Regional Movement That Got National Attention

The Political Movement Of Nashville Started A Regional Movement That Got National Attention

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The sit-in campaign in Nashville started a regional movement that got national attention. All for the change of segregation in the south during the late 1950s. Two major players in contributing to this campaign were Jim Lawson and Diane Nash. Jim Lawson was a methodist minister who had strong ties with nonviolent action and the ministry. For three years he studied gandhian methods and served as a methodist missionary in India. Before serving as a missionary Jim Lawson also served fourteen months in prison. He served this time due to him protesting the action by the government to head into the Korean war. It is here in prison where he found the courage to stay true to his beliefs of nonviolence and really understand what he could do to help others. With this newfound knowledge he left for India and taught and learned there. After his time there he heard about the works of Martin Luther King Jr, a man the same age as him, and decided to return to America to help. He talked with Martin Luther King Jr. and Martin pushed him to help now and push back his plans to go to Yale. Lawson decided to go along with MArtin’s wishes and ended up heading to Nashville. It is here the place of the sit-in campaign where Lawson held workshops to to teach african-american students how to work through physical and speech abuse during nonviolent protest. He taught them as well about how strong of a cause and idea they had and that in time more people would come. In time more people did come and as the sit-ins went on more and more students from all around the surrounding areas got involved as well as national television which really helped to show the cause around the nation and grasp interest when pertaining to future civil rights events. Diane Nash als...

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...h the people involved in violence. They then try to convince these people that they are at risk and that they should reject the violence because the consequences could be catastrophic to them or the people they love. If the individual needs a lot of help the interrupter can sometimes even meet with the individual multiple times a week. Finally, activists can help communities by responding to shootings where dozens of community members rize up to protest against gun violence. The activists can also organize new clubs associations that will help in reforming the community. Lastly, the activists can hand out materials such as poster, flyers, or cards that help spread the message across town. They also often have business cards so people can get in contact with them. Over time these strategies help in reducing the amount of violence by striking at the heart of the cause.

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