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The documentary, The Interrupters, is a film that tells the ongoing journey of three ‘violence interrupters’ who’s goals are to stop and prevent violence from their South Side Chicago, Illinois neighborhoods, which they once took part of. An interesting aspect of this film is that Ameena Matthews, Cobe Williams and Eddie Bocanegra, the three ‘violence interrupters’, reflect on their experiences with violence in the streets of Chicago in order to better help these young men and women avoid the community violence. These three ‘violence interrupters’ work intensely with a number of people (mostly young adults) who are prone to acting out and violent behavior. Throughout this movie, I saw applications of the social-ecological model, not only …show more content…

Tio Hardiman, the creator of the Violence Interrupters Program, said, “You can give them a history lesson. Your daddy was violent, your granddaddy was violent, and your great granddaddy was violent. And now your brothers are messed up because you misled them” (James et al., 2012). He is describing how violence is a learned behavior from your family and close peers. Hardiman goes on to tell a little about his own family’s history with violence. When he was fourteen, a man tried to hurt him in the streets, but his stepfather killed the man right in front of him, and he recalls feelings good about it. This family taught him violence was okay through their own …show more content…

Society influences the socioeconomic inequalities between people, which usually results in differing social and cultural norms surrounding violence. These norms might include male dominance over women, while certain cultural norms might support violence and claim it to be a reasonable method to resolve conflicts in neighborhoods. We see this shown in the film because they talk about how violence is a two step process. The first part is the thought that, ‘I have a grievance with someone’, and the second part is that the grievance justifies violence (James et al.,

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  • Explains that the documentary, the interrupters, tells the ongoing journey of three ‘violence interrupters’ who’s goals are to stop and prevent violence from their south side chicago, illinois neighborhoods.
  • Explains that extreme racial segregation in chicago is an underlying condition to youth violence in the community.
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