Political Involvement os Power of the Public Essay

Political Involvement os Power of the Public Essay

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Political Involvement
The primary reason for political involvement in government intervention is the power of public opinion. When the people collectively begin to aggressively voice their concerns for a certain action to take place, it forces the hand of the government to act in response to that distress (Kraft and Furlong, 2013). There are currently nineteen states that offer a higher minimum wage than the federal mandate. Thirteen states raised their minimum wage levels on January 1, 2014, increasing the purchasing power of the lowest paid workers in each respective state, some of the increases were under fifteen cents (United States Department of Labor).
It is projected that minimum wage increases will drive consumer spending; and that can encourage job growth which will promote the support of small businesses. However, in contrast those on the other side say that small businesses just can't afford the higher wages, and it will hurt the people because they will end up having a harder time finding jobs. Coordinators in a number of other states are gathering signatures to place related actions in the polls for November 2014 (United States Department of Labor).
This public policy has also created a division among the Democratic and Republican Parties. As a policy issue the minimum wage has traditionally been viewed by those that support it usually the liberals see it as a measure designed to assist the poor with alleviating some of their impoverishment. In the meantime, for those who oppose the increase which are mainly conservatives seem to find various confidences in the notion that the minimum wage is simply unproductive (Levin-Waldman, 2011).
Policy Instrument
The most appropriate policy instrument for the issue...

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