Compare And Contrast Mac And Mac

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Computer is the latest and the most brilliant art created by technology science. This powerful machine cannot think like the way humans do because it will only function its own job with the help of the operators command. Advancement of computers became very handy to people because of its powerful use, and many users started to rely on it. Billions of computer are being sold worldwide every year. However, two big reputable companies are currently competing in the technology world. One of the top grosser company in the history has earned the price. In today’s world, almost every aspect of modern life has been enhanced through convenience contributed by technology. Our inventor’s million dollar ideas and advancements in technology have made tasks easy to perform in our everyday lives. Imagine living in a world without technology, everything in life will be stressful and time-consuming when completing tasks. Everyday life has…show more content…
However it seems like many designers and artist still use Macs either out of habit or because stereotypically it is seen as an artist’s “tool”. Windows on the other hand is equally compatible and at times multitasks a lot better than Mac, which is a must for someone like a graphic designer. As mentioned previously Windows is the gamer’s choice. Although you will find more and more popular games being offered for OS X you won’t get the cutting edge graphics and gaming experience you can get from Windows. They both have their own differences, Macs are not as flexible or versatile like the PC but it is rather a more straightforward approach with fewer maintenance and fewer security issues. Windows as mentioned above is flexible and customizable either with hardware or software. We also have the gaming experience where users prefer windows again for its customization and flexibility (Mac vs. Windows: Your Best
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