The Political Aspect Of Public Education Essay

The Political Aspect Of Public Education Essay

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1. TEA is Committed to Students and Schools. Texas Education Association. (Teacher’s Union)
I agree that the political aspect of public education is never ending; however, the key is getting all the pertinent parties involved. I am not sure if the enthusiasm of these teachers come from their union involvement or their commitment to education. It is obvious, at least for me to be an effective teacher you have to be committed to the students. The second video talk about the billions of dollars spent on education reform, and it is still not right.
I participate in a union and some of what it stands for and also a member of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) where “concerns of its members or employees are forefront and central.” AFT lobby continuously for teachers not only in Maryland, but worldwide. I see promise for change; however, unions, AFT is more for teachers; although, it does impact our students, indirectly. It is about what Bill Gates talked about in his video… “good teachers”, we are critical to education and student success—good pay, incentives, and excellent benefit packages are a must. What the teachers and administrators are saying in the TEA video is what we as parents expect and want to hear, but it is equally important when we see it in the curriculum—it appears to be there in Tennessee. However, having all parties involved and lobbying is how it gets accomplished—see video link below to see what TEA has done for its teachers and how they lobby legislatives to make it happen….?
2. Education Today and Tomorrow, Tom Woodward, Henrico County Schools, VA.

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...ason is not because students don 't want to be teachers but is partly because of the state requirements--politics. Students must pass the PRAXIS before they can sit for or begin taking core courses.

The turnaround for this school was definitely the leadership. The principal is/ looks young and has apparently brought lots of energy to the school, and as in any business, effective leadership is a must. On the other hand, in the American school system there appears to be too much in between managing consisting of persons with little to no classroom knowledge and why the government is again attempting to transform our schools. I think they should start with putting dollars into the teachers or those who really want to teach, by giving them the resources to pass the state tests then make sure they get what they need to be better leaders/ teachers in the classroom.

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