Essay about Policy of the United States

Essay about Policy of the United States

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Policy Of The United States As the United States strengthens border-security measures for greater protection against terrorist attacks, "we must do it through technology and an appreciation of our trade-dependent communities along the border," says Asa Hutchinson, under secretary of homeland security. Speaking May 7 before the Association of American Chambers of Commerce in Latin America, Hutchinson outlined elements of the Bush Administration's strategy to screen out terrorists and contraband material while facilitating the flow of legitimate travelers and commerce across the U.S. border. The President's budget requests $8.7 billion in FY2004 for development and humanitarian assistance administered by USAID. It includes increases in basic education and agriculture, two priority areas for the administration. President Bush proposed a new compact for development that increases accountability for rich and poor nations alike, linking greater contributions by developed nations to greater responsibility by developing nations. American Imperialism, 1898-1917 The Great White Fleet on its globe girdling cruises in 1906. TR sent the fleet to test US the range and readiness of warships and to impress other powers, notably Japan. After returning to the US the ships were painted a more business-like battleship gray. Long Term Causes Of The Spanish-American War 1. Closing of the frontier (1890) and Frederick Jackson Turner's thesis that the frontier had been responsible for democracy in America (1894). 2. The Increase in US trade and production meant that overseas markets were becoming more important. 3. The Depression and Pullman Railroad Strike (1893-94). Was the country heading toward social revolution? 4. Foreign government raised ta...

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...ry machine is the problem and not the solution? America does need to defend itself and certainly the government must not be made powerless to defend the people against foreign aggressors. Terrible crimes have been committed against American people, and the perpetrators should be brought to justice as swiftly as possible. But more government-sanctioned violence abroad is not the answer, as it will create more desperate enemies even more willing to use violence as a last resort against a political oppressor they do not want. References

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