Essay about Police Enforcement Job As A Police Officer

Essay about Police Enforcement Job As A Police Officer

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This past semester I interned at the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Department. This was a unique experience for me and really changed my perspective on the possibility of having a law enforcement job as a police officer. Ultimately, I would like for my career path to result in me being a special agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Getting hired as a special agent with the FBI is very competitive, and as of right now it is extremely hard to get a job with them straight out of college. Luckily, for myself I have a good point of contact with the FBI, in which I was able to have a on the phone, and in person interview with my cousin John Dolan, who is the Acting Assistant Special Agent in Charge, of FBI 's Joint Terrorism Task Force in Manhattan, NY. My internship helped me make a decisive plan for what pathway I wish to take in regards to my career.
The point of these interviews with John Dolan was to obtain advice about the job of a special agent in regards to aspects such as challenges, possible career paths, etc. The first thing we addressed was career path and what it takes to be hired. Mr. Dolan had said his career path started by submitting his resume to the FBI when he was a senior at the University of Albany. He was contacted a year later after graduation once of hiring age at 23, and had been offered a job in the Investigative & Surveillance Support network as a photographer. It was not until three years later on the job that he would make special agent. Mr. Dolan told me the FBI just got off its hiring freeze, and that I should not be looking to be a special agent right away. He said the average age of a newly hired special agent right now was around 31 years old, and they
are looking for applicants to either ha...

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...NYSP recruiting center, “you may apply to be appointed as an Investigator in the Bureau of Criminal Investigation after 4 years of service or after 2 years of service with a Bachelor 's Degree. As an investigator within the Bureau of Criminal Investigation it would be easier to transfer agencies over to the FBI, especially because the two agencies work so closely together.
In conclusion I am very thankful for my experience with the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Department and I feel like I learned a lot in regards to what they do, and what I want out of my future. There is nothing like on the job experience to ensure how you’re going to feel doing that job. In this case I loved the job, and I hope that my plan that I have in place stays the course it is currently projected to take.

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