Essay on Police Enforcement And The United States

Essay on Police Enforcement And The United States

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Law enforcement in the United States is being perceived as a dangerous, toxic force that cannot be trusted by society. People used to trust law enforcement and come to them in a time of need for protection or help. Media has pointed out only a few corrupt people in authority abusing their power, creating fear in the public’s eye. Although these concerns are spreading throughout the nation, New Mexico is also worried as well. In order to possibly solve this issue, New Mexicans need to show more respect for law enforcement officers because most of them are not practicing racism, abusing power, or using unnecessary violent force. Society has created this image of police officers as these monsters that are in fact practicing racism, abusing their power, and using unnecessary violent force on innocent citizens.
Police officers are men and women who dedicate their lives every day, putting their life on the line for society, no matter who is in need of help. Racism has always been a part of life and it will never go away. Some people think that officers are racist because of the situations that they are put in and whom they are dealing with. Corrupt people are always going to be around in society, and there is no way to stop them. Just because one person is corrupt or a few others as well, it does not mean that there should be a label put onto the whole population. Ashley, a law student, stated, "I am currently a law student and there are so many laws out there to ‘protect our rights’ that it makes it almost impossible for cops to do their job… It is a crazy stressful job and most officers do the best they can” (Chaney and Robertson). The statistics of police brutality is a big number, but the number of alcoholism and suicide that is cau...

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...ey’re human too. Society has created this perspective on law enforcement that they are inhumane killers who only want to make people’s life’s miserable and taking lives simply because of race, color, or religion.
We live in a sad world where police go to work every day and are scared to even be in public because they could have their life taken from them, just simply because they have that badge pinned on their chest. A badge that represents their sacrifice for strangers and loved ones every single day. Instead of labeling them monsters and racist, we should be thanking them for their everyday services. Building a better relationship with law enforcement within our communities can make all the difference in the world, not only for them but for us as well. Hopefully mending the gap between citizens and officers creating a stronger relationship with more trust and love.

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