Police Departments And Public Services Essay

Police Departments And Public Services Essay

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In today’s society, the goal for most law enforcement agencies is to improve their public service to their communities. Criminal justice agencies need to ensure that they provide the best advertisement of their agency and to help enlist public support for their officers and communities. There are many ways that this can happen. In the 1920s and 1930s, police departments had to inform the public of concerning issues such as wanted felons, job recruiting, missing persons, and crime sprees by putting up a wanted sign or a recruitment flyer to get their attention. Today, most police departments are seen through the media and public’s eye. Opinions are formed on how the protect and serve the public based on what they hear and see, not solely on what good the departments do.
Today, police departments or government agencies turn to social media to provide information on their service, job recruitment, and news, the history of the department, photos, videos and a means to provide crime tips. For the average person, having a social media account is mainly for us to interact with friends/family, share photos/videos, and socialize about topics that are important to them. Police departments are not trying to just get “likes” on their media sites, they want to build trust within the community and themselves, help catch criminals, find missing persons, and to make sure they maintain a reputation that says they care about their community.
I conducted a review on the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) website and I did find the home page to be a bit overwhelming. At first glance, the page did not seem as if I was looking at a police department webpage, it looked like I clicked on a store advertisement. Once I began to go through the menu opt...

... middle of paper ...

...ct with the community and has been able to keep up with social media technology to provide a link between them and the community they service. One thing is certain is that we must remember that the use of these social media websites to get the communities involved, build trust and help with crime prevention should not take away from doing these things the traditional way. It still makes a difference when you see a police officer in your community having face to face interaction with the citizens. This human contact with a person can better help build the trust between them both and also show that the police department is still an honorable profession that cars for their citizens. The SAPDs webpage, Facebook, and Twitter is still a strong social medial tool to engage the police department with outside agencies, such as public safety officials and other city officials.

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