The Rise Of Police Brutality On The Rise

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According to The Global Research News, in the last decade alone the number of people murdered by police has reached 5,000. This humanitarian crisis in the United States has become an alarming reality. Police officers have the capability to arrest, confiscate property, and use deadly force. Yet, many have abused their powers. Police brutality is on the rise whether society believes it or not because of the advancement in technology, low education and experience, racial profiling, and people’s refusal to obey. Many people are convinced it isn 't, but police brutality, certainly is on the rise. It seems like every couple days there is a new name added to the list of people hurt or killed by the police. People have been complaining about police brutality for years, but they…show more content…
The laws include, false arrest, cruel execution, excessive force, and failure to intervene. Physical excessive force, such as punching, kicking, and batons, is the most common type of police brutality (Packman). According to Wihbey and Kille, the most common device used for brutality is a taser. A taser is a weapon that uses an electrical charge to incapacitate a target. It can be very brutal depending on the area it affects. Police Brutality potentially happens because the police have the authority to use force when necessary, making it difficult to prove brutality has taken place. When officers are full of adrenaline and anger they use absurd actions without thinking. Some officers may think they are protecting their own lives from danger and that gives them the right to use excessive force. Today, more officers are recording all interactions they have with suspects to avoid false suspicions. According to the Cop Crisis’ statistics, citizens are killed by police about every eight hours and so far this year, police alone have killed 1107 Americans. The most horrific incidents are against children, women, handicapped, and

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