Police Brutality Is Not Part Of The Norms Essay

Police Brutality Is Not Part Of The Norms Essay

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Deviance is described as behavior that is not part of the norms in society. Police officers today are held to high standards due to their motto " To protect and Serve," however, not all police personnel live up to that standard. Due to police officers being held at such high standards, as authority figures some of them tend to abuse their power and engage in police deviance. Police officers have the widest range of deviant acts. These acts of Police Deviance include, police brutality, police gratuity, police shakedowns, police perjury, police profanity, police misuse of confidential information, and police drinking and abusing drugs on or off duty, just to name a few (Policecrimes.com, 2015). However, Police Brutality has to be the most common and problematic form of police deviance in today’s society.

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“Police brutality is the use of excessive and/or unnecessary force by police when dealing with civilians (Danilina, 2015).” It has also been stated that police brutality is a civil rights violation as well as the use of excessive force being a direct violation of the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments of the U.S Constitution regarding cruelty and protection of the laws (Definitions.uslegal.com, 2015). In the past year, several incidents have been reported in which police brutality is the case. “Darrin Manning’s unprovoked “stop and frisk” encounter with the Philadelphia police left him hospitalized with a ruptured testicle. Neykeyia Parker was violently dragged out of her car and aggressively arrested in front of her young child for “trespassing” at her own apartment complex in Houston. A Georgia toddler was burned when police threw a flash grenade into his playpen during a raid, and the manager of a C...

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...lag potential recruits whose personality types and behavior are unsuited to a job in which sound judgment and their ability to make quick decisions is key (Bernd, 2015). Another solution to the problem could be enforcing a law that requires on duty police officers to wear body cameras at all times during their shifts. This law should also include that officers will be charged with a federal offence, if at any time during their shift they remove their body camera, turn it off, or delete any footage from the camera. The law will also go as far as to enforce punishment on an officer who forces anyone to stop recording a situation involving a citizen and an officer and will allow any footage taken by the body camera or footage taken by a bystander to be submitted as evidence. These three ideas alone should be enough to put an end to the problem of police deviance.

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