The Pros And Consequences Of Police Brutality

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America is looked upon by other countries as the land of the free. However, it is disappointing that the people who is responsible for protecting our freedom, are now feared and despised because of the discriminatory crimes they have committed. Instead of protecting our society, police are abusing their power. In order to put a stop to this; the government needs to create restrictions, provide more training for officers, and set forth more consequences when they take someone’s life.
Police brutality is when an officer uses excessive force on a person. Instead of using less violent methods to handle situations, they quickly turn to the most lethal ones, such as their guns. Officers usually do this to intimidate citizens and make them feel more
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One would be Eric Garner who was seen choked to death after he repeatedly told law enforcement that he could not breathe (Marcius, Burke and Murray). How is it acceptable for officers to forcefully attack a man to his death and get away with it? It is understandable to use force, but officers should know when enough is enough. The Michael Brown incident in Ferguson was also a tragedy caused by armed officers. Michal Brown was an unarmed African American teen who was fatally shot with his hand up (Clarke and Lett). There were many factors involved in the reason why he was approached by the officer. He stopped Michael because he was walking in the middle of the street and then things quickly escalated. The officer shot him six times, according to his autopsy report (Clarke and Lett). After reading the article, there still was no reason to pull a gun out on an eighteen-year-old boy and especially not six times. These incidents just prove that officers need more training to help them handle and avoid these…show more content…
Many celebrities and black communities are involved in this movement. Celebrities use this platform to bring awareness to the senseless act of police brutality. A famous rapper TGT asked the question, “I got my hand up now what else am I supposed to do” in connection to Michael brown who was shot with his hands up (Game, Curren$y and TGT). Police officers are supposed to shoot people who threatens them. He mentioned this verse in his song to highlight the fact that Michael could not have made that cop feel threatened with his hands up. What the Black Lives Matter activist is doing is so great and necessary. There needs to be a group that can make sure incidents like these do not go unnoticed. Since this movement has the contributions of celebrities, that’s exactly what happens. Although it is sad, these types of tragedies bring people together. When people come together, it forces change to happen or at least an

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