Police Brutality Is A Thing Of The Policing System Essay

Police Brutality Is A Thing Of The Policing System Essay

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According to (Kristian, 2014) police brutality is a thing of the policing system, not circumstantial. She points out one of the most obvious reasons, which is the lack of training that officers receive to identify what is the appropriate amount of force. Kristian also identifies the lack of training officers receive in regards to domesticated pets. The most important part of Kristian’s argument is that the policing system is targeting minorities, with some city police’s procedures explicitly stating that. What constitutes brutality is also not a widely outlined thing and this causes most cases of police brutality to go unpunished. Those who are punished receive a very small punishment. Her reasoning and examples leads the reader to conclude that police brutality is systematic and not anecdotal.
This article summarized that stress is one of the causes for the increased use of force on the job. This study examined influences of perceived work-related stress, job satisfaction, and burnout in relation to the use of force by police officers. An approach was developed that requires including the officer 's routine activities and victimization experiences as two situational controls and by capturing a range of self-reported force used in a typical operational situation. Although results show significant relationships between use of force and work stress, job satisfaction, commitment, and burnout; multi-variable analyses using structural equation models show little influence on stress-related factors and the amount of force. The job report remains the only predictor of police use of force, while victimization has a strong correlation with use of force (Manzoni & Elsner, 2006).
In the book “Police Brutality” (Gerdes 2004) wrote abo...

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...im with night sticks and the heel and toes of their combat boots. This information will be used in our research to show the statistics and facts behind police brutality and why it happens.
On July 17, 2014 Eric Gardner was accused of selling cigarettes on the streets of New York. Two Police officers approach Eric and they discussed what he did. Eric Denys what they tell him. He told the officers he " did not sell anything" One of the officers attempt to arrest him and the other jumps on Eric 's back putting him into an illegal choke hold.( Goldstein& Schweber 2014) The events that took place in the street are still leaving community speechless and sour do to justice not being served. This is an example of police brutality and our paper will show how different actions are being taken to prevent this. This information will be used in our research paper.

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