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Boys should definitely be allowed to play with dolls. During childhood, male children witness both of their parents caring for babies, cooking and cleaning. Playing and caring for a doll prepares the boy for his evident fatherhood duties. For a boy to only play with masculine toys such as trucks and guns, the boy is not developing his sense of caring, nurturing, or empathy. Denying any child the right to play with the toy of their choice in fear of who they may become is taking away the right for the child to find his or her identity. Playing is essential to the development of children, and limiting their toy choices is detrimental to that development. Not allowing a certain type of toy would affect the child more negatively than allowing him to play with dolls. Also, society tells a boy that playing with feminine toys is wrong, causing an early condescendence towards females. It will not affect the child negatively, therefore in order to become nurturing, respectful adults with a sense of empathy and self, boys should be allowed to play with dolls.
In this era, males and females both uphold household duties. Children watch and learn from their environment. A boy watching his father care for an infant is going to want to imitate his father. Playing with a doll is simply following what he has seen his father do. Taking away the doll is taking away that child’s future as a nurturing father (Gioia, 2010). Many men feel that their male child playing with a doll is not teaching him to be tough and will negatively impact their future, when in fact the boy will learn how to care and use their imagination by playing with dolls (Epand). Females are often praised when they are gentle and nurturing, while boys are not- causing boys to r...

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