Essay on Play : The Meaning And Importance

Essay on Play : The Meaning And Importance

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Play: The Meaning and Importance
When one thinks on the subject of playing what comes to mind? It is most likely the thought of having fun and a good time, not the thought of a learning experience. Educators notice the concept of play as a tool that can be applied to aid a child succeed and grow as individuals. The meaning of play can be defined through research as well as how it can assist in the development of a child’s personal skills through play experiences. The learning process for a child can be traced back as far as their environment during the early stages of life. Play is imperative for the reason that it assists in the education of a child and their world in an approach that is natural. Play education allows educators to go with the “natural flow of learning.” (Stone, 1993) Through the resources provided it will be discovered, what exactly child’s play is, why it is important and what research states regarding the development of a child.
What is Play?
Childs play is not laying out a box full of toys in a room and watching children play. It is a method of how children can be prepared for their future (Scarlett, 2005). It requires educators planning to provide an environment which a child will build their cognitive and social skills. The four different types of play, which contribute to the cognitive development of children they are functional, constructive, dramatic, and games with rules. In functional play, children exercise repetitive muscle movements with or without objects such as running and jumping. Constructive play make use of objects such as blocks, Legos®, or materials similar to sand or Play-doh® to create an item. Dramatic play includes the children role-playing resembling pretending to be a parent or baby...

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...ns. The evidence provided proves that play has a number of benefits in education and to leave it out would be considered foolish. (Stone, 1993)
In conclusion, there are a number of ways that play has a significant effect on the development of a child. Play is vital to their future and it prepares them to grow into becoming successful individuals. Children can support their own development which can be accomplished through their curiosity and thought process to solve problems, however it also requires the additional support of all adults in their lives. Understand, as Vygotsky, who was an educator and psychologist himself demonstrated that children’s progress is dependent on the involvement they have within their cultures (Scarlett, 2005). We now understand what play is, why it is important and the research that supports its importance in the development of a child.

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