Play And Child Development Essay

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Understand the links between play and children’s development

Why is play important?
All children play and it is something that most children do because they are having fun, but without realising children are developing and learning skills when they are engaged in play. Play helps stimulate the mind as it is practical and gives children the chance to explore and experience new situations. It can also ensure that children get to think by themselves and be spontaneous as they control their own play. Children get the chance to be creative and imaginative which develops independence for children. Play is vital for child development and helps children develop five main areas of development:
“Physical- The way children learn to move and coordinate their bodies.
Cognitive- The way that children learn to think and process information
Language- The ability to talk and understand what others are saying.
Emotional- The way children experience feelings and learn to express them.
Social- The ability to make friendships/relationships with others.”
(Penny Tassoni, 2014, pg5/6)

Physical development
Play supports children’s physical development as when they are playing they are being active and exercising their body. It is important that children develop strength and stamina from a young age and through
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They will use their imagination and past experiences of going to a café or restaurant in order to become engaged in this activity. This is useful as children get the chance to act out something that they have seen which helps them form an understanding of different situations. During role play children also get the chance to practice solving problems for example in the scene of a café making sure there is enough food for the other children coming into the café or even giving change to those children who buy something from the

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