Plastic Surgery : A Part Of Reconstructive Surgery Essay

Plastic Surgery : A Part Of Reconstructive Surgery Essay

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Reshaping Beauty
Today’s news is always gossiping about “Who got the latest nose job,” and everyone at home is thinking plastic surgery is unnecessary. Although celebrities have taken plastic surgery to a whole new level, it does not mean it is unnecessary. Plastic surgery has spiked in the past few years for teenage girls. There are many examples of young teens going though plastic surgery for birth defects, breast reductions, and many more helpful procedures (The Nemours Foundation). Therefor plastic surgery is vital to teens by improving their self-esteem along with short and long term health.
Primary, Plastic surgery has helped many teens with reconstructive and cosmetic. Reconstructive surgery covers physical birth defects. Several cases have health risk if nothing is done to solve the situation. The teenager’s life is extended and will be less problematic. Accidents likewise are a part of reconstructive surgery. Teens that are injured by animal attacks will need plastic surgery to correct or improve mobility of the teen’s body. Also, women that have had breast cancer surgeons can give to back their lives by reconstructive surgery. As well as cosmetic surgery can help with teen’s health, by improving the human body. A few examples are removing harsh scarring, breast reduction, and removing of unnecessary fat.
It is important for teens have positive self-esteem as they mature and find their way through life. If a teen does not “fit in” while attending school, generally they are bullied. Even through the schools say that have a no tolerant bully program, it is not hundred percent. Teens are always being judged, either by their clothing, how much you weigh, nevertheless it all comes down to beauty. Growing up should not depend...

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...y go any farther. Furthermore, if an infection or bleeding were to happen doctors have medication to fix that, but to help this not to happen the doctor will give you instructions and guild lines. The doctor will also set up regular checkups to make sure nothing like infection or bleeding is happening.
Ultimately, the main argument is “Should teens be able to have plastic surgery?” Clearly some say otherwise, they argue plastic surgery is wrong, although their actions tell other story. Teenagers are in that awkward stage, where “They think like adults but behave like children” (Singh). If society would just stop telling teens they have to look and act a specific way, then they wouldn’t feel the need to have plastic surgery. Although if a teen need or want plastic surgery, do not stand in their way, as long as a doctor feels it is safe to proceed with the surgery.

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