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The Pirate Charles Review Essay

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The Pirate Charles Review
January 23rd, 2010

Black Bart King of the Caribbean Pirates would be proud of his piracy progeny. Sea fairing bandits in the form of a folk band would have entertained the ruthless brigand with Celtic songs drinking the night away with a cup a tea. The prolific pioneer who clutched onto vessel after vessel affirmed his campaign against the world and anyone who sailed in his way; The Pirate Charles [TPC] takes another approach. One can fly their freak flag or a pirate flag and be accepted nonetheless. Swashbuckling songs swirl across audience members lips even if the lyrics are unknown to them. The brisk buccaneers of the band capture audience members’ attention the way Bartholomew captured ships. The bawdy buccaneers have definitely picked up pirate traits modernizing their methods while being true to their destiny. Spanish schooners were tight quarters below deck filled with overcrowded men akin to a tour van where musicians are stuffed in next to their gear. The wicked Welshman would have felt at home amongst these sloop dwelling modern pirates who welcome everyone engaging new found acquaintances in conversation. A pirate by the name of Mast can properly demonstrate how to pull a woman’s hair tugging each tendril in a truly tawdry enjoyable way. The pirates of yore were thought to be demons or devils although the members of TPC are gentleman.

The Emerald Isle is a mere 50 miles from where Bartholomew grew up in Little Newcastle, a highly populated Irish immigrant region of Wales. The pirate was not meant for a castle and The Pirate Charles is most at ease when performing on stage and/or whipping wenches. Black Hearted Bart or John Roberts according to pirate records reflecting his career path ...

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... unquestionably would have been amongst friends with The Pirate Charles. To Caesar the lives of the paltry pirates were expendable ironically Caesar met his own death at the hands of people who believed the tyrant being tortured to death was equally fitting. No matter if you are a pirate or despot death can arrive equally and you will not die laughing at these musicians because they are the real deal. Revolutionary Entertainment C.E.O./Owner said, "The Pirates Charles is definitely a very entertaining band to watch live. Most people would think that their pirate attire would get in the way of the music, but in fact you can hear their Pirate characters when they play their instruments which just prove what great musicians they really are."

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