The Pieces Of Afghan Peace Essay

The Pieces Of Afghan Peace Essay

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Pieces of Afghan Peace
Afghanistan is one the few countries in the world which suffers from four decades of war and violence. Millions of people have been killed, injured or forced to flee. The war costs trillions of dollars for all engaged parties, including the US and the former USSR. The prolonged war has not remained within Afghanistan’s borders, but instead resulted in the collapse of the former USSR, the 9/11 tragedy, and much violence and instability in many countries around the world. Since more than a decade, in addition to the heavy cost in human lives, billions of dollars have been spent for security, reconstruction and peace in the country. And even though all parties agree that only a political solution can assure sustainable peace in a country, such agreement has not successfully matured or implemented yet.
During the last 13 years the United States and NATO allies have invested so much blood and treasure in Afghanistan and the Middle East, in general. In the "War on Terror" Afghans have paid a high price as well, with many thousands dead. The achievements of the last decade in the country are unprecedented and many Afghans highly appreciate the generous support of the US and its allies. These achievements are historic even if they do come at a staggering cost. In order to protect such outstanding accomplishments and expand investment in Afghanistan, a long lasting peace is required.
Afghanistan National Independent Peace and Reconciliation Commission was established in May 2005 to lead the reconciliation process with the insurgent groups the Taliban and Hizb Islami Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. This effort was subsequently followed by the establishment of the High Peace Council in September 2010. The Afghan government ...

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... any narrative against the Afghan government, but in contrary their absence in the process, has allowed the insurgents to gain some unexpected traction by expression of their grievances.
Insurgents repeatedly requested to directly negotiate with the U.S. government, but the U.S. policy makers haven’t acknowledged their role in peace talks. Afraid of sharing power and Ignoring the fact that most of the leaderships of the insurgents are either in prisons in Pakistan, Guantanamo Bay or have been placed on the sanction list and blacklists of the UN and USA, the Afghan leaders pressured the U.S and UN to do not engage in the peace talks and introduced the process as an Afghan government led only. If the U.S and UN do not accept their role and responsibility and if they do not include the insurgents as a part of the solution, they will remain a part of the problem only.

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