Physical Development Observation Of A Church Nursery Essay

Physical Development Observation Of A Church Nursery Essay

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Physical Development Observation
The Physical Development Observation took place in a church nursery where there was a variety of different age groups among the children. The physical development observation I decided to do on a young boy by the age of three. When observing the young boy physical development his gross motor skills are very strong. As I was observing he was very active by being able to see him run around the nursery or competing against other children in a race. He was also jumping and hopping inside and outside the nursery countless amount of times whether it was over toys in the nursery or outside jumping on the side walk. The young boy also showed in his gross motor skills that he was able to ride a tricycle on his own when he wanted to ride his bike. According to chapter 11 it discusses that young children develop best physically by being active by having children having the opportunity to climb and jump on safe equipment and by providing a variety of toys so that they are able to venture out on their own(153). The y...

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