Physical Abuse : A Description Of The Possible Signs, Symptoms, Indicators And Behavior That May Cause Concern

Physical Abuse : A Description Of The Possible Signs, Symptoms, Indicators And Behavior That May Cause Concern

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4.1: A description of the possible signs, symptoms, indicators and behaviour that may cause concern in the context of safeguarding.
There are four typed of abuse:
• Physical Abuse
• Emotional Abuse
• Sexual Abuse
• Neglect
“Abuse is defined as any action that intentionally harms or injures another person”
Physical abuse is when injury is inflicted upon a child and young person or does not prevent the injury to a child; harm can also be caused when parents invents symptoms or deliberately cause ill health to children.
There are many sign and symptoms of physical abuse which are sometime missed because they are covered with make-up or children are kept home until the mark disappears; hitting children can often leave bruises but it does also mean that children are hit by the parent, they can often be hit with hair brushed, belts even objects like shoes.
Shaking can often leave children with brain damage, kill them even leave them with muscle damage, many symptoms are easy to spot like bites, scalding even burn marks. Physical abuse is when children are poisoned or forced feed food which can seriously damage the insides of the children and young people; however, signs are split into two categories; Physical signs and Behavioural signs. Behavioural signs of physical abuse are things like becoming withdrawn from social groups, but there is also aggressive behaviour which could mean them acting out like punching or kicking people; there can also be flinching or cowering away when people touch them even when people stand over them but on more serious cases there are signs like self-harm or drug and alcohol misuse. Physical signs are things like bruises or fractures as well as burn, b...

... middle of paper ... stuff but they will also know more than any other person as it is there job yet they will also know who is on the child protection register as well as know what they are at risk of.
Recording information as soon as possible is important because it will help them understand what injuries that the child may have, these can be recorded on a body map; each size is often referred to different sized objects e.g. 10p pieces but there are colour and exact positioning of the marks. Dates, time, places and content of the disclosure must be recorded yet it must only be facts as assumptions are not to be put in there and notes must be signed and dated; when writing down what a child has said do not change what they have said into proper terms, example if a child said that ‘daddy touched my lady parts’ don write down something else write down exactly what the child has said.

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