Philippe Pinel 's Influence On The Mentally Ill Essay

Philippe Pinel 's Influence On The Mentally Ill Essay

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Philippe Pinel’s Influence on the Mentally Ill
Western Wyoming Community College
Tani Larsen

Today mental hospitals are a great place for people that are mentally ill. They are given a room, therapy, and medicine. With the sole focus on trying to help them. However, that was not always the case. According to Whonamedit, before the late 1700’s, mental patients were chained up to the walls and put on display to the public (Philippe Pinel, 2015). Some of these people were restrained for most of their lives. Philippe Pinel changed this. Having visited a friend in a mental hospital, he was horrified of how these people were being treated. Thus, he felt he needed to do something to change it. Pinel was one of the biggest influences on the treatment of the mentally ill.
Coming from a family of medical professionals, Pinel quickly fell into the same path. He received his M.D. from the Faculty of Medicine on December 21, 1773. He then spent his time visiting medical schools and hospitals where he developed the practice of taking bedside notes on each patient. In 1784, Pinel joined and became editor of the Gazette, where he started to write about mental disorders. On May 13, 1795 Pinel was appointed chief physician of Hospice de la Salpêtrière, which held 5,000 patients. Pinel held many honorable positions through his life, including professor of medical physics and medical pathology at the school of Paris (Philippe Pinel, 2015).
Due to Pinel’s interest in classification of diseases, he made great leaps in the understanding and treatment of the mentally ill. Although he knew he had a long road ahead of him to truly understand mental illness he stayed strong in his belief that these illnesses are "an indivisible whole from i...

... middle of paper ...

.... After all this progress that had been made he did not want things to go back to how they were. So he had a group of specialists in mental diseases travel throughout Europe spreading Pinel’s knowledge. He wanted everyone to know what he had discovered and why the treatment of the mentally ill needed to be changed (Philippe Pinel, 2015).
Mental illness is something that plaques a 1 in 5 people here in the U.S. Those odds are astounding, and shows us just how prevalent mental illness is. At some point in each person’s life, they will be affected by mental illness. Whether it is themselves or someone close to them. Thanks to Pinel and his dedication to the subject, we can all rest easy knowing that mental patients will finally be treated properly (Philippe Pinel, 2015).
Philippe Pinel. (2015). Retrieved from

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