The Phase Of Adlerian Play Therapy Essay

The Phase Of Adlerian Play Therapy Essay

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There are a total of four phases in the Adlerian Play Therapy where the importance varies from stage to stage. This applies to the roles played by the Adlerian Play Therapist as well. As the therapist goes from one stage to another stage, the roles changes according to the stages they are in.
In the first phase of Adlerian Play Therapy, relationship is the central issues. Therapist needs to build an equitable relationship with the child. Therefore the central role of the therapist in this phase will be a partner or an encourager (Kottman, 2011). In order to build an equitable relationship between the therapist and the child, building trust and eliciting positive emotions from the child is very important. In this phase, therapist is usually nondirective as they let the child to be the dominant ones most of the times (Kottman, 2011). Various techniques are employed in order to fulfill the role of therapist in this phase such as rephrasing the content, encouragement and more. Besides that, therapist and the child may even clean the room together in order to build an equitable relationship and also cooperating rapport (Kottman, 2001).
As the therapy moves to the second phase, the role of the therapist too moves to another role. In the second phase of the therapy, to know the lifestyle of the child is the central point of the phase. This is also very important, as it is one of the key concepts of the Adlerian Play Therapy. In order to investigate the lifestyle of the child, the role of therapist has then switch to a much more active and directive explorer (Kottman, 2001). In the first phase, the therapist allows the child to direct for the majority of the time but now, the therapist will take over the control power and be more dir...

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...havior and thoughts in the therapy room. Thus in the fourth phase, the therapist educate the child to bring the change into the outside world instead of just doing it in the therapy room. This goal till then relates to the major goal of the whole Adlerian play therapy, where the major goal is to have the child change their behavior and thoughts into an adaptive behavior and positive thoughts.
The four goals of each phase are important indicatives to the positive outcome of the therapy. Each goal leads to one another and it slowly builds up to reaching the one major goal of Adlerian Play Therapy. If one of the goals is failed to be achieved, the process could not proceed to the next phase. This will then results in the failure of the therapy. Therefore, the goals of each phase are important and have to be achieved to ensure the success of the Adlerian Play Therapy.

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