The Importance Of Experiential Family Therapy

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Which treatments are more effective with families, couples, children, or significant others? The Bowens Therapy can be used for individuals, families and couples here that they talk through and not to their partner, with its long-term therapeutic approach. By learning how to gain the ability, to separate their feelings, and thoughts both internally and externally is the main focus of this therapy. Bowen therapy is complete when the family members are about to achieve their level of differentiation (M.U.S.E). Structural Family therapy focus is to reform the family so that there are limits between parents and progenies, while the parents are reassuring of each other and their children. In achieving this the therapist has observed firsthand…show more content…
Regardless of the position within their family, decisions can be made openly and honestly, while acknowledging their differences. However, this therapy can limit the family role concerning how to appreciate each other, decreased desire to solve the issues, and more geared toward groups(M.U.S.E). Which models work best for different age groups? Explain. Experiential family therapy would work best for children ages 3-11, because it involves using techniques like role playing, which will uncover the child hopes, fears of what presently is affecting them. Play therapy technique that will incorporate puppets, finger painting, drawing, and any form of media that will allow the child to show their feelings and excitements. Family art therapy that is used for either adults or children for self-knowledge and recognize what emotional issue they have which in turn can be used in the healing process Under what conditions would you use each diagnostic…show more content…
The step son reluctant to speak with the step father, and the stepfather is feeling angry and excluded by the son. Structural Family therapy is the model that would work under these conditions. More common than not you have families where the children are not performing to their fullest compatibly at school, are disruptive in the home, and school setting. You are asked to attend counseling the father never shows, which is causing the mother stress, Strategic family therapy model would work under these circumstances. Bowen Family therapy model would work under the following conditions, for example couple gets married at a young age, they know have three children, both work fulltime and live in a modest home which they have fell behind on the mortgage payment. The wife is spending beyond their means, while the children have been rude and disrespectful. However the father is feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities, whenever he attempts to speak with the wife about his concerns, it cause stress and discord in the family structure, she find peace with shopping and being away from the
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