Essay on Persuasive Advertising

Essay on Persuasive Advertising

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As stated in this statement marketing is often understood to make people buy things that they don’t need, want and can’t afford. Marketing does take a big part in why people buy things, but the one thing that it doesn’t do is force people to buy a product. In fact, it is illegal for salespeople to mislead people into buying a product or service. I am going to focus on the advertising in marketing as the amount a product is advertised in the media is going to drive and individual to make a purchase.
What one person needs, another person doesn’t, but if a person needs a certain product they are going to buy it whatever the cost or how much it is advertised. It is unfair to say marketing is all to blame, the individual’s personality and buying habits contribute to buying products they don’t need, want and can’t afford. Which product is bought is all down to the purchaser. Some individuals can control what they buy whether they have the money or not, although others won’t think twice about buying the latest product on the market. People who buy products as soon as they come on the market are called innovators, and marketing doesn’t really affect these customers as their buying habits control the purchase. In some cases the way a product is marketed actually makes people not buy that particular product. For example meals are advertised as ‘meals for one’, some people who are single will purposely not buy these as they don’t want to be reminded they are eating alone. This is just one case of how marketers push away sales rather than gain sales.
David Jobber (2004) stated that sales promotions are incentives to customers or the trade that are designed to stimulate purchase. Sales promotions can include money off, discounts or free gif...

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...nesses to increase sales of their products and all services, and they are going to do whatever it takes to get as much of the public to make the purchase.

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