Personality Vs Religion By Anne Bradstreet Essay

Personality Vs Religion By Anne Bradstreet Essay

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Personality Vs Religion
The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines puritanism as the beliefs and practices of people who follow very strict moral and religious rules about the proper way to behave and live. Puritans based their beliefs off the idea that God was morally right and supreme above all others. In Anne Bradstreet’s “To My Dear and Loving Husband” and “Upon the Burning of Our House” and Jonathan Edwards’ “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” it is very evident of this idea that the Puritans had believed. With the access to the Earl’s library, Anne Bradstreet used it to help educate herself. Marrying young, Anne Bradstreet left England and sailed to America with her husband. Enduring the harsh conditions of her new life in America, Anne Bradstreet used her faith in God and poetry to help her survive in her new home. Jonathan Edwards, a child prodigy had experienced a religious experience while at Yale University that had made him want to follow in the path of his father and grandfather and become a minister. After the passing of his grandfather, Jonathan Edwards became a pastor and eventually, an influential preacher. Using sermons so powerful and influential, Jonathan Edwards actually helped trigger the Great Awakening, a religious movement that swept through New England in the 1700s. Anne Bradstreet & Jonathan Edwards both lived a religious lifestyle, nevertheless their religious views start to differ as their personality starts to show through their work.
Bradstreet and Edwards may believe in the same religion, nevertheless there comes a time where they differ in what they believe. Though both Puritans, religious beliefs differentiate between Bradstreet and Edwards; for example, the fact that Bradstreet believes that Go...

... middle of paper ...

...Edwards, both born in different centuries with such different personalities, were both inspired by God in their work in such different ways, that it is almost hard to believe that they believe in the same God. Though born in different times, Anne Bradstreet and Jonathan Edwards did have similarities, but they also had their differences that were evident in their personalities & the way interpreted God. With her personality that spoke for her, Anne Bradstreet wrote her personal poems about God and the important things in her life as did Jonathan Edwards while he wrote his sermons that worshiped the God he so greatly looked up to. Anne Bradstreet, a great American poet and Jonathan Edwards, an inspirational preacher were alike, yet different in ways that had made them so great at what they did because you do not need to be like someone else to be great at what you do.

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