Personality And Personality Development Paper

Personality And Personality Development Paper

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Personality is a subfield of psychology. Personality generally refer the total behavior of the person, where in layman’s custom it typically relates to the socially or external oriented facets of behavior and to the way other people is affected, Cervone, D. & Pervin, L.A. (2013). It has been stated that people say to other people that their personality is good or may have said they have an unacceptable personality and to ovoid them. Several people view individual personality and summaries, guides, and keeps them uncheck. Some factors of personality and traits make up individual demeanor. Sex differences are possibly the most voluntarily discernible genetic phenomenon. Each individual inherits the body structure, organ development, and patterns of biological functioning that are appropriate to his sex, although there are variations within each sex pattern. Men tend to be more active, aggressive, adventurous, and object oriented, whereas, females tend to be more passive nurturing, accepting, and people oriented. With mankind research in genetics indicates approximately one half of the inconsistency.
Personality measures one of the dimensions of behavior that man shares with all forms of life is genetic transmission of characteristics of appearance, physical structure, and behavioral tendencies. Characteristics of people in different settings can differ; from people in population to populations. Dissimilarities between an individual and his parents can be explained that each sperm cell combination of genes, as does each of the ova present in a mother. As these two contributions combine, corresponding genes may at times trade places between chromosome pairs, increasing ...

... middle of paper ... of an individual and the temperamental traits and male to female, Berk, (2010). Culture plays a huge role in the personality development of every single human regardless of where they live or how they live. Up to this point in this discussion, the concerns about attempts to understand and explain personality as a total pattern of behavior and behavior as a whole. Sometime people makes statements like this individual personality is evil and some individual is respectable. Even under such conditions, the basic pattern of personality is seldom altered drastically, although important changes may take place in an individual’s attitudes toward life in his or her interpersonal behavior. Personality is who we are, it adds to how we see things, react, and live in a society of diverse of people. nod behave in social circles, because we are a unique set of people.

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