Personal Statement : Travel And Tourism Essay

Personal Statement : Travel And Tourism Essay

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When we first started talking about travel and tourism I had a very broad understanding of it. Thinking about it then, it was just defined to me as ‘getting away from home for a few days’. Understanding it now there are so many different definitions to tourism and they all have their pros and cons. I never really considered the three elements that I have heard belong in tourism and somehow those elements still fail to grasp the small meaning that travel can have on a person. To me travel can really open up parts of your personality that you may have forgotten, it gives you the feeling of being small, and can even restore your soul to find purpose. I know when I travel I’m often in wonder at the creations around me. Whether it’s from magnificent landscapes to different cultural wonders around the world I’m usually in awe at the magnitude of human existence and connection to nature. In my small time on earth I have always enjoyed the outdoors, no matter what I am doing; and somehow traveling to new areas can open up those trapped ideas and feeling by having an experience. To me everyone on earth is looking for a meaning to existence and getting out of your own bubble can always have an intimate feel of wonder.
To reflect before, during, and after and adventure is of such importance. Travel has characteristics of perceived freedom, and a sense of escape from the ordinary routine, and work obligations. Most people hurry through life, though travel to get to the end and finish it, another notch on the belt; yet few actually take the time to figure out what it means or why they are doing it. Are they searching for something, like a pilgrimage? Rick Steves used to think of travel as hedonism, yet he found that it was so much more. Trave...

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...night and find some adventure. Everyone can be an adventurer and it doesn’t take living in the jungle for two months. You can have a micro adventure in your backyard or on a close hill. One man said that it almost felt like he was getting away with something by taking off on a work night and hiking a mountain that was close by. Take the moments that are given to you, and do spontaneous feats with them. You don’t need much time at all to have the time of your life; you just need to want to do it. The people who feel free are those who don’t let life confine them to their routines and methodical standards of everyday life. They grab life by the horns, so to speak, and take control of their own destiny. To have an leisure adventure, vacation, or travel experience you just need to be fearless and pursue whatever sets your soul ablaze, don’t let those moments pass you by.

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