Essay on Personal Statement : Adult Foster Care

Essay on Personal Statement : Adult Foster Care

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. In the past when I worked in an adult foster care, I would often celebrate a client’s small accomplishments; this showed my encouraging mode (Taylor, 2008). Some of the clients did not want to attend any of the outings or socialize with others at the home. I believe that they secluded themselves just because they wanted the staff to give them attention. Some of the staff would just watch TV on their shift and not care about what the clients were doing. Thus, when I was working I would make sure to say how good it was when I saw them outside their room or they came along on the outing. The reason I would do this is because then the client would know that I was pay attention and I cared what they were doing. I hoped that this would make them want to participate more frequently. Further, if the clients were occupied and not in their rooms, then they would be less likely to have self-injurious behaviors.
2. Another strength of the encouraging mode is “skilled at conveying [their] optimism and hope” (Taylor, 2008). I will experience this as a future occupational therapist with my clients. I need to make sure to remain optimistic because if I am not hopeful that the client will get better, then how can I expect them to be? So, when a client is getting frustrated when performing a cooking task, due to her not being able to grasp the end of the spoon to mix the muffin batter. I need to remain positive by telling her that she will be able to get it, but she should keep trying.
3. In the adult foster care that I worked at, we would sometimes have a game night. First, I would pick out a few games we could play. Making sure to pick games that everyone could be involved in. Therefore, I would not pick twister when the client in the wheelc...

... middle of paper ... I would experience this by wanting the client to do the activity or occupation by the rules. So, if a client was working on a peg board task, while following a color design, and I noticed that she was going to put a red peg in a blue peg slot. I would then tell her that a blue peg needs to go there not a red peg. Thus, I would not allow her to catch her own mistakes.
5. Another caution of the instructing mode, will be taking personal responsibility for client’s outcomes (Taylor, 2008). This will occur when the duration of therapy has concluded and the goals I have set for my client have not been achieved. I will take responsibility for not obtaining these goals because I was the one who set the goals and chose the best tasks that would improve her change of motion. Therefore, it’s my fault that she did not increase range of motion as much as we would have liked.

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