Personal Philosophy of a Christian Ministry Essay

Personal Philosophy of a Christian Ministry Essay

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Philosophy of Ministry
Philosophy of Ministry: God's desires come first, I must always live my ministry God's way. I must live as a Christian (1 Corinthians 9:27) I must have a proper relationship of surrender to the Leader. In my personal life or in the Church I must understand that Christ is Head and Chief Shepherd (Ephesians 1:22, Hebrews 13:20). The “management” of Church is about relationships with God and Man, not just maintaining a social organization.
The church meeting is for worship and for the growth of the saved. The fellowship on the Sunday is to energize us to reach out to the lost. The primary elements of the Sunday worship is the Lord's Supper, prayer, and preaching. Singing and fellowship are important secondary elements of the Sunday service. However those aspects easily become the primary focus of the service. So I make them lesser and it is easier to achieve balance in the service. My preaching must be understandable to even the most uneducated Christian. Furthermore, preaching must be solidly exegetical. I must never afraid to preach the hard things of the Gospel. We should allow non-Christians in the Sunday service, but do not seek them out for that service.
However, I will do some events for the lost. Because those events can help young Christians become comfortable with evangelism. By leading events for non-Christians I can have proper doctrine taught before they come to Christ. I also expect the congregation to be trained in one-on-one evangelism. Focus on teaching the simple doctrine of salvation.
Wednesday services are a great for ministering to family, both the youth and their parents. I need to reach youths because it is hard to evangelize after youths have been indoctrinated the education...

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...ed is a building is not strictly needed, just Christian people.
And the End Time: First the events of the final judgment should not be called the “End Times” it is the End Time. The End happens once, if I say End Times I sound like a Hindu who believes in an endless cycle of recreation and judgment.
I already handled some of Christ’s role in the End Time. I mentioned how Jesus was coming back for real and visibly, I truly believe it. He will judge all men on the last day. Those in Christ get to share in Christ's righteousness and get to be judged by it. We will also share in His reward.
Hell will exist forever as place to hold Satan. The demons and those who choose him rather than Christ. But Heaven is the throne of God's glory and the reward for the righteous. We will receive our resurrection body and all pain of any kind will be gone for those in Heaven.

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