Personal Note On Being Label Essay

Personal Note On Being Label Essay

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Being label is something that has it up and down. Not everyone likes to label and others like to be label because it gives them their identity and shows their personality. The words that are used to describe ourselves can have effect on others and us. Are you an optimist? Would you like to become an optimistic person now or any time in the future? Being optimistic is a choice, not everyone able to be one because it is how personal characteristic. Optimism is believing that good things will happen in the future, or feeling confident that you will succeed. Optimistic is a term that I hope be used to describe me as a person because I am confident about myself, education, and my future.
I am optimistic about myself. I have comes a long trying to understand who I am and how others should describe me. However, I hate label, I do not want to be one thing to people because I am stay finding out who I am. I think by the time I am in my late twenty or early thirties, I will found out who I am. All I know now about myself is that I am a girl who has big dream and will not let anything step in...

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