Personal Journey: Studying Law Essay

Personal Journey: Studying Law Essay

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My interest for law arose in me at the age of ten. I found a book in my primary school library; inside was a photograph of Lady Justice 'Themis' on top of the Old Bailey, in the UK. I was surprised to find a woman was the symbol of justice. I had lived my life being told that men are to have careers and a woman's role was to raise a family. As I grew I challenged these perceptions and I aspired to educate myself instead of living up to my native country's stereotype of what a woman should be and do. I began researching law and began reading "The Law Machine" by Marcel Berlins and Clare Dyer and "Eve Was Framed" by Helena Kennedy. “The Law Machine” enhanced my understanding of the British Legal system and "Eve Was Framed" provided me with an insight into the position of women within the British legal system. This research motivated me to seek a legal education.

During my gap from education I started travelling; I visited countries, such as, Italy, Oman and Morocco. I realised I wasn't the usual traveller; I preferred fasting and sharing a meal during Ramadan with the locals in Moroc...

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