Personal Essay : Is It Best, And ' Squirrels '

Personal Essay : Is It Best, And ' Squirrels '

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Personal Essay – Option 1
As I sit at my computer analyzing a predetermined list of topics that include things such as “Northwest is best,” and “squirrels,” I reflect about how each word or phrase has meant something to me at one point or another, throughout my life. After much thought, there are three finalists that resonate with me the most: “curiosity,” “persistence” and “mentor.” These three subjects have played a part in the most significant chapters of my life, and are the reason that I continue to have a successful, productive life and college experience.
Curiosity has been a huge factor in my life and presently, as a college student. It has provided me with an outlet, and would eventually be the driving force in my future academic and personal success. The majority of my childhood and adolescence took place in abusive, unstructured, and unsafe environments. Various parents in countless homes engraved the common theme in my mind, that I would never amount to anything and that a higher education would always be out of my reach. My curiosity enabled me to question my persona...

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